Our new normal. What habits will you keep?

Our routines, and in many cases our lives have changed dramatically over the last few months. We’re still waiting to see what the world will look like when this is all over, but we’ve already noticed changes in our new normal. We’ve created new routines and new habits. Some good and some not so good… What habits will you keep going forward?

All the lockdown snacks and good habits

I don’t know about you, but we definitely bought more snacks and treats as part of our grocery shop to ‘treat ourselves’ while we can’t go out for meals or coffees. As a result, our snacking habits have changed for the worse… I’m not sure if the net-difference between snacks and eating out is positive or negative but I’m pretty sure this new relationship with the fridge is not a habit I should be bringing with me to a post-covid19 world…

However, many good new habits and routines have definitely come out of this pandemic, that are worth developing and keeping as they will definitely help us going forward.

Being more present

what habits will you keep

Have you been for a walk and noticed more of what’s around you and experienced a sense of calm doing so? Like the budding leaves on the trees, the birds singing, the waves rolling ashore. Whatever you noticed, the reason you noticed it more was because you were more present, there was less to distract you. And it felt pretty peaceful, right?

Experiencing less noise, less distraction helps us be present and gives us a calmer, clearer state of mind. From here, we have more space, or more brain-bandwidth if you like, for great ideas, creativity, thoughts and inspiration to come to us. Carrying this habit forward will not only help us experience that calm, peaceful feeling more often, but it will lead to more inspiration and great ideas which may well lead to a better way of living life altogether.

A simpler life

Life on lockdown is simpler and slower-paced. When we are out and about, commuting, going to the gym, socialising in bars and restaurants, shopping, we have many little decisions and choices to make. We prepare for what we do, like pack a bag/decide what to wear/where to go, don’t forget your wallet/keys/phone/bag… Whatever it is, it involves many tiny choices, decisions and thoughts that keep us busy.

New skills and pivots

We have now learned new ways of doing many of these things, like exercise at home, socialise with friends online and work from home. We have often found these new ways work just as well. This frees us up more; we can save time on travel and on many of those tiny decisions. Things feel more relaxed yet we get as much done, if not more.

Something else that has become undeniable is our ability to adapt, flex and change with the circumstances. No matter who you are, you have adapted in more ways than one, you have learnt new ways to do things, you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone. I hope you can see that you did this and that you give yourself credit for it.

Time for ourselves

In all this, one thing is certain. We’ve (re-)learnt the importance of time for ourselves. Looking after ourselves, in small and big ways makes us more productive and happier. Taking that family lunch break away from work has strengthened our connections. Going for that walk / bike ride / run cleared our heads. Trying to manage our grooming/beauty regimes at home meant time to do something for us. And all of it felt good.

What’s important to us

what habits will you keep

Throughout all of this, many of us have realised what really matters to us. For example, reading about lower solution levels and watching nature thrive with less humans about was a great ray of hope for many of us, realising that if we all make a change, things can change.

We are more aware of our environment and the role we play in it. This is making us rethink how we travel and how we use and re-use products and things.

We’ve reconnected with local small businesses, many of which have carried us through this crisis with delivery of food boxes and supplies. We’re strengthened our relationships as we realised how much we miss the people around us.

All these realisations and more, mean that our priorities will change going forward. The suffering and severe impacts this time has had on so many has also instilled a new perspective in us, helping us realise all the little things that don’t really matter, that don’t warrant us worrying about. What really matters is people, being kind and helping each other through the tough times.

How can we keep these new habits?

What can we do to keep our new habits, and the things we’ve learned?

A lot of our old habits and behaviours were formed because they served us in some way. Often we were driven by convenience, or a belief that our lives were easier doing what we were doing.

We now have had considerable time to experience the benefits of a different way. This has challenged our old beliefs and shown them to be false. Thinking about the positives of these new habits and routines will help us create new beliefs about how we do things. These new beliefs will help us continue with our new habits as they replace our old beliefs.

Being aware of our thinking and our behaviour and the impact it has on our mind is a key first step to embedding new habits, routines and beliefs. As we continue at a slower pace, we have the time and space to be more aware. It may seem counterintuitive, but slowing down will help you speed up.

New vision of the future

Has this time inspired you? Do you feel inspired to continue trying new things? To create more in your life, your business, your work? Have you had an exciting idea that you would love to implement?

I’ve spent a lot of time these last few months working with people, entrepreneurs, business leaders, to help them look at how to adapt quickly and effectively, in a manner that looks after people and their safety and well-being.

I’ve notice a shift more recently, as people start to look forward again. People are seeing new opportunities, new ways of incorporating more digital into their work, life or business as a way of opening up more possibility, more opportunity and expanded markets.

People are looking to create a different balance in their lives, grow their income, use their time differently and they are looking for ways to make that happen.

Helping people create in this way by providing space to explore what is possible and challenging their perceived limitations is what makes me love what I do.

The possibilities are endless. If you’re curious to find out what you could create, get in touch here to find out.