Hi, I'm Cynthia

I help business owners and professionals, just like you, build pathways to success.

I played by the rules. I lived by the book. Education, Career, Relationship. Success defined as Position and Wealth. And it felt great for a while. Until it didn’t…

I’m not going to lie. It took me a while to figure out why, it took even longer to get so fed up that I was willing to change, take a risk and take action.

However, once I started that journey, once I learnt what was most important to me, it became easier.

What was most important...

The way most of us work and live is very structured. We are taught what is expected of us from an early age, and how to behave in order to fit in. As a result, we develop a belief system around what is possible for us. And for the most part, that belief system is incredibly limiting, by design, to keep us safe. 

For me, all this structure, expectation and fitting in to other people’s view of the world, both in my career and in life, was stifling. I realised I desperately wanted to be free from all of that. I also learnt that it was a huge factor limiting me from reaching my full potential, and that this was true for many of us. 

But I did know...

That change is not only possible, it is inevitable. And the course of change is up to each of us. The potential in knowing this is immense! This makes Change incredibly exciting to me. Yes, it can bring with it uncertainty, but on the other side of that is unlimited potential and progress. Something that is possible for every one of us, particularly when we start to break free from those structures that have created our limiting belief systems. 

About me

Driven by Freedom, Excited by Change,
Passionate about helping YOU succeed!

This is what drives me.

  • My unwavering belief that we all can live and work with more freedom, more ease. 
  • My knowledge, not simply a belief, that change is always possible.
  • My knowledge that each of us have the ability to achieve far more than we believe. 

It is my mission to help as many of you as possible to see this for yourself. 

To help YOU create YOUR freedom life, full of exciting opportunity, achievement and balance. 

Since 2017, I have coached hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and leaders push past their self-doubts to discover what lies on the other side of their fears… It’s their success, their freedom.

Whether you need help seeing the wood for the trees, want to nurture an idea into a plan, or find yourself in a rut and don’t know where to start, I can help you find your way.

You have the ability to reach your goals, develop good habits around those goals and create a better tomorrow for yourself.

We are all looking for clarity, focus, confidence, and happiness. But it can be hard to uncover those things all on your own.

We are going to peel back the layers of self-doubt, worry, and fear that you have been carrying around with you. It’s what is stopping you from moving forward and getting “unstuck”.

This is coaching for professionals and business owners who are seeking to better their outcomes, better their careers, and better their businesses.

Book your initial consultation today and start investing in yourself and your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before I was a professional business coach, I worked as a Programme Manager and Change Manager in large corporations. In fact, I’ve been managing change since the late 1990’s.

I have two degrees in Business (European Business and Business Administration) and a host of professional qualifications relating to my corporate career (for example Agile Scrum Master, Lean 6 Sigma for process design and cultural change, ITIL v3, Leadership Excellence and Project Management).

My path veered off the corporate track when I realised that what I truly loved about my job was nurturing the growth and development of people. Coaching played a big part in my work and I saw more and more that people stop themselves from achieving through uncertainty and fear of the unknown. 

I also learnt that my personality and my natural instincts are well matched to coaching and personal development. 

I took the same approach to learning about mentorship and coaching that I did with my business acumen…I sought out certification. 

I am a fully qualified and certified Executive Coach (University of Western England) and I hold the ILM7 Certification in Coaching and Mentoring.

I come with a history, knowledge, understanding and education to back up my coaching philosophy and methods. These methods include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Clean Language, Ontology, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt approach and Narrative Coaching, Universal Laws among others. I will adapt my use of these to suit the client. 

I also use my own coaches and coaching supervision for my own continued development. 

Simple! Start by booking a conversation without obligation. From there we will explore how I can help you.

Our first call is all about getting to know each other and understanding what it is you’d like to achieve from our work. 

This is your opportunity to talk to someone, without judgement, about what’s on your mind. 

This is a holistic process so it can be about career stagnation, not knowing what your next move as a business owner is, even personal life situations. We can talk about it all.

From there, we can design your bespoke coaching programme to best serve your needs.

Our conversations are confidential, without judgement and without ‘right’ & ‘wrong’, just different shades of humanity. 

I will ask you questions about your goals, objectives and/or challenges and I will listen and observe in a way that you’ve probably not been listened to before. 

Together, we create safe space for you to explore your thoughts and ideas, in a way that enables you to gain new insights leading to new behaviours and break-throughs. 

We might develop a strategy and a plan together. You will generally leave our sessions with some actions to take, but don’t worry, these are actions you have thought of and you will be keen to work on them.

Your results will depend on your goals and objectives, as well as how you show up to our sessions and your commitment to do the work required to move forward. 

That said, previous clients have had a variety of positive results including promotion & career growth, new and bigger business contracts, business expansion, increased productivity, improved work/life balance, improved relationships both professionally and personally, increased confidence, generally feeling better, happier and more relaxed with a clear purpose and direction. 

Although not guaranteed, generally, clients earn back the value of their coaching programme during the time we work together. 

Your investment in yourself will depend on the coaching programme we design together. 

Quotes are developed based on bespoke coaching programmes designed to meet your requirements. 

As a generic indicator, fees this year range from £400 to £6,000 for one-to-one coaching, based on length of programme, number and duration of sessions.

For a full business review, structure, design and leadership & team coaching, quotes are developed based on requirements. 

Although not guaranteed, generally, clients earn back the value of their coaching programme during the time we work together. 

Schedule your free initial consultation today. 

I love being active in the great outdoors, going hiking or cycling. 

I love animals. 

Travel is my passion.

I have lived and worked in 4 different countries and I have travelled extensively for work and privately. 

I speak 2 languages fluently and have a grasp of another 3.

I love reading & learning.

I watch some trashy tv. 

I am not perfect and I love the opportunity in that fact. 

I love liquorice.  

People often ask me if I’m a business coach, a leadership coach, a career coach or a life coach.

The answer… ermmm, Yes.  

I take a holistic approach. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, whatever it is you want to change or improve, the common denominator is you.

I work with people to unlearn beliefs and behaviours that hold them back. I do this through increasing awareness.

This in turn helps my clients to become effective & authentic leaders in their field, grow their business and grow their career.

More than that, it helps create better relationships and dynamics on a personal level as well as on a professional level.  

My clients experience huge positive change which is sustainable long term. 

I help to create change.

With my strong business background, I also work with business owners on creating structure and repeatable processes, utilising best practice. Creating more clarity and ease within the business, improving efficiency and effectiveness. 

"The biggest obstacle you will ever have to overcome is your mind.
If you can overcome that, you can overcome anything."
- Les Brown

Gain clarity, focus, confidence and a way forward that works for you.