What my Clients say about working with me and the results they’ve had. 


I found Cynthia not only very empathetic, but she could mirror so well. And by that she would actively listen to what I said.
She asked me to choose a business issue that was on my mind for my publishing business. She looked at it and said, "Okay, let's ask some questions."

She knew that the answers were within me, but it was her job to pull those answers out so we could look at them together. Then I could make a decision and go in the direction that would be good for my business. This is exactly what has happened. Cynthia was empathetic, she was spot on in her observations and she helped me to move forwards and make some decisions. Ultimately this is exactly what business people want; to make the right decision to get the right result. It was outstanding, so I heartily recommend her to you.
Ladey Adey
Publisher & Author Mentor
I knew I needed something to change. I wasn't sure what it was, but I felt like I was held back. It was affecting both my work as well as personally. I needed some help to understand what was going on.

Working with Cynthia was like going on a journey. During our work together, I can't believe how many of my perceptions I challenged. I've got a whole new perspective which has enabled me to take action, take chances that I wouldn't have before.

So much has changed! It was very worthwhile. I probably did a complete 180 from when we first met. One of the biggest things is now being able to notice when my thinking can get in the way, and I can take a different action.
Stuart B
Head of Quality
I would like to start by saying I would describe myself as somewhat sceptic. I have never been one to ask for help or talking through my feelings.

I don’t often like being proved wrong, but in this case I am happy to make an exception and proudly admit in this instance I was.
Cynthia is a wonderful coach, confidante, advisor, a friendly shoulder, a straight talker and in the end a true friend.

I work quite a stressful job, and in my work life I was presented with opportunities and challenges of various kinds which led me to confused feelings and lack of direction.

Starting my coaching session and spending time just talking through the situation, having that ‘outside’ view, and spending that dedicated time clearing my mind was truly eye opening.

I was quite taken aback by the effect of my first session, which led me longing for the next. Each session we worked through the next steps to clarity and understanding, combining thought provoking exercises with casual conversations.

I even had one of those eureka moments where I had become obsessed with a certain scenario which in one sentence Cynthia changed my mind set completely, and with that, it felt like a weight had been lifted.

I sincerely recommend coaching with Cynthia. I hope what I have shared above demonstrates the positives effects coaching can have, and more importantly having it with that right person, that friend you didn’t know you had, with Cynthia.

Cynthia, thank you for helping me, showing me clarity through my murky confused thoughts and being there for me throughout my journey.
Lucy R
Chief of Staff
Having achieved a successful and fulfilling career, recently I started noticing that a growing lack of self-belief was limiting my opportunities, limiting me to choose familiar, secure and safe options. Although I had secured my dream job I had actually lost my aspirations, my future goals and a sense of direction.

This is when Cynthia and I crossed paths again. We had worked together a few years before when we were both doing 9 to 5 jobs.

Working with Cynthia has helped me to change my mindset, regain confidence and self-belief. I was empowered to start exploring new ideas and opportunities: from learning a new language to researching how to be an entrepreneur.

Sessions and discussions with Cynthia are meaningful, and her approach is very personalised. By creating simple plans and achievable goals she has enabled me to move forward on this personal development journey one step at a time.
Lyuda Y
Technical Project Manager
I worked through a reoccurring issue in my work with Cynthia – a disruptive pattern that I couldn’t break – and she really took the time to tackle it from all sides using a technique that deeply explored my purpose and identity.

Honestly, I was on a high afterwards, with a head full of ideas. I could see so many opportunities.

Cynthia helped me realise, with empathy and patience, how many issues holding me back were connected – both personal and professional – and this gave me the clarity and tools to address them.

I’ve already started seeing an improvement in my confidence and I’ve made real changes – like setting stricter boundaries with clients and valuing my time and effort more highly. I’ve even started to sketch out a new business model for finding leads.

Cynthia guides but doesn’t impose herself on you – she’s emphatic and very intuitive and I really felt like it was a safe space in which to be honest and interrogate my problems.

I can’t recommend Cynthia highly enough – she will help you recognise why you’re ‘stuck’ and unlock you energy and potential.
Sarah B
Literary Editor
I worked with Cynthia after I lost my enthusiasm with my business. I contemplated closing and giving up. I had no sense of direction and after 4 years I felt like I had explored every avenue with my established business. It no longer brought me happiness and meaning.

Cynthia helped me get back on track. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get anywhere as I believed I had looked at all options.

I spoke to Cynthia and it was like it ignited the spark in me that I had lost over the years and with the arrival of my second daughter. I had lost my identity and Cynthia not only helped me find myself but also a new direction for my business. Over the time we kept in contact and she spurred me on throughout.

I honestly wouldn’t be on the path I am now if it wasn’t for Cynthia. She really has helped me more than I ever imagined and for that I am forever thankful. I am currently in the process of launching my new business and I could not be more excited!

Thank you Cynthia.
Lauren D
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