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Better Business Results




“I loved each session, I could have easily spent more time on each session.”


“Hearing other people’s experiences helped me to better understand myself.”


“Thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening programme.”

I get it!
I've been there too!

You are not alone!

The good news? There’s another way and I want to share it with YOU. 

You see, when women come together to support each other, amazing things happen! 

Like opportunities to share ideas, to collaborate and to build each other up.

Most of all, get rid of those mental blocks that are stopping you taking action and moving forward!


Rise Together


Business Expertise


Cynthia Moore

Rise Together is a community for female entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with more balance, more ease, productivity and a strong mindset. 

I started this community with 3 key objectives in mind: 

1. To provide easy, affordable access to coaching, which can make a huge difference to your success. 

2. To curate, collate and share business knowledge, cutting through the noise so you don’t have to. 

3. To build community, connections and friendships, to facilitate collaborations and to help each of you to Rise Together.

Rise Together will open up opportunities for you and your business.



“Professional coaching programme which has truly helped me to consider how best to approach certain situations in a less emotional manner.”


“Great techniques learnt for the future!”


“Cynthia is genuinely one person I highly recommend if you are wanting confidential, professional, guided self-help.”

Even more:

Grow your confidence, create more balance in your life and work, and work authentically.

Get help with strategy, business models, scaling, outsourcing and more.

Deal with challenges and difficult conversations confidently with less stress.

Become aware of any limitations or mental blocks and learn how to move past these. 

See more of the value you add through your work that perhaps you are taking for granted.

Get help with those parts of your business that are not your strong suit.

Find new ways to identify opportunities, collaborations, funding options.




“It’s enabled me to consider how I deal and react to situations within business and personally.”


“[Cynthia] made us feel really comfortable right from the start which means we could talk openly.”


“Group coaching is really engaging, supportive and challenging. Totally recommend.”

What's included?

Join Rise Together and get all this and more:

Join Rise Together!

Join a community of strong and wonderful women
Get Expert Business Support
Find your people
Collaborate and get more opportunities
Balance work and life with more Confidence and Ease
Develop your mindset and resilience

You can join this amazing community from just £40 per month. 

At this incredible value, you don’t want to miss out! 

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Joining instructions:

Fill out the form to set up your membership using the email address you want to register with. 

Once the form is completed, you will be redirected to the Rise Together group on Facebook.

Ask to join using the same email address you used to register with, and you will be added to the group.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

If you cancel when you haven’t finished the last month you’ve paid membership for, you will keep access until that last month is up. 

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